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So there’s a new Japanese restaurant near my house. My cousins and me decided to check it out and guess what? I was totally amazed by the look of the restaurant itself! i actually felt i was in Japan! The designed were totally make me feel like i just brought to Japan with the traditional looks and the bamboo tree and the workers there were wearing this kimono and the chefs there were actually a Japan which brings my curiousity about the tastes of the foods.

SONY DSCWe had this really amazing Shabu Shabu with australian beef,really really crispy tempura,and california Maki sushi. I’ll be honest,it cost ALOT for only 3 dishes along with 4 drinks but its totally worth it! The beef were soft and tender,the tempura was so crispy. i can heard myself chewing it and the amazing fresh California Maki sushi. Not only that,along with some deep traditional sauces gave the tastes explode in my mouth. I can tasted the sweetness,the sourness at the same time!! So if you ever heard of Nihon Bashi Japanese Cuisine,you really need to stop by and try some of their foods! Arigato for the foods!! 🙂


And look! we make new friends in just one night! Lmao A great night with random strangers who were asking about some information of my country. Really had fun with them in just one night.

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Hello world!

Hye Guys!!! So i just created a new blog. Well.. lets not talk about my old blog. anyway,for my very first post,i want to bring up about mylife. Im 17. My birthday was on 10 December 1997. Im 97’s liner,as you can see,and Im a malaysian! I just came up with this idea,its just popped out in my head that i think i should start blogging. i love writing,and i think its a great idea to start this blog. i can post everything about my daily routine. where i came out with this “Ninetysevendaily” ? well im a 97’s liner and i just want to show everything about a 97 kid like me doing. Kinda clingy,isnt it?  I have this passion on fashion. I own an online shop that sells clothes,bags,watches and almost everything that teenagers should have on their closet. I love travelling. I love food. everybody does love food. So as you can guess,I basically going to post about Fashion,food and the trendy news nowadays. So please wait for my next post!

xoxo!-The ninetyseven’s

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